Common Licensing

Both Unison and DSPnano offer an identical dual open source and commercial licensing model. There are no differences between the two embedded operating system licenses.

Open Source License

The open source license allows users to take the software, develop an embedded solution, port the software to a new processor and deploy a system all at no cost. The open source license requires all changes or modifications that are made to the operating system software or what could reasonably be considered operating system software be provided back to the community for inclusion in future versions.

The license agreement provides no indemnification - it is strictly use at your own risk.

Commercial License

The commercial license provides the ability to distribute an unlimited number of copies for a given product. It does not require any upgrades to be given back to the community but upgrades may be provided. Redistribution of changes and source code for the operating system is directed through RoweBots for commercial licenses for quality reasons.

Commercial licensees are free to provide upgrades to the community at their discretion.

Commercial licensees are available with several options including: single product license, product line license, produce family license and architectural license. Details of these licenses are provided in the following table.

License Description
Single Product Used in one single product, typically for proof of concept approaches or research purposes.
Product Line Used on a line of products where all the products have the same function. An example would be a set of clothes dryer line where different units have different features.
Product Family Used on multiple products of different types which are related as a set of product lines. For example, this license would be used for a set of lines including washers, dryers and dishwashers with a common power meter.
Architecture Used on multiple products developed at a single site using the same architecture. For example, used for all ARM Cortex M3 products developed in San Jose, CA by international corporation ABC Widget Inc.


Understanding Open Source and Commercial Distribution Differences

Feature Open Source Commercial
Version V4.0 V5.x
Feature Set Complete operating system, with a basic Kernel, I/O, stdio, serial and multimedia file system, Fully featured kernel with select, join, barrier, extensive documentation and full commercial support, serial I/O, multimedia file system,  and an extensive set of add on modules,
Documentation Man pages and commerial books and reference material, quickstart guide Extensive documentation including programmer's guide, tutorial guide, quickstart guide and man pages on all functions and servers. Additional commercial reference books and materials available in the hundreds.
Demonstrations and Quickstart 8 demonstration programs and a quickstart guide to run these demonstrations in 10 minutes right out of the box. 60+ demonstration programs for all features running in 10 minutes out of the box with a step by step quickstart guide.
Free Add On Modules TCP / IP for non commercial use Source code
Purchased Add On Modules POST, RTOS Viewer, Documentation with Source code TCP/IP, NAT, DHCP server, PPP, Tftpd, Telnetd, posh shell, Thttpd, RTOS Viewer, posh, FAT File System, NAND/NOR File System, POST, Diagnostics and much more
License Cost FREE $ per project, product family, product line, architecture