Planet OpenSource is your source for all your embedded software development and model based programming needs. It is intended to be an open source web site for embedded systems. Its focus is strictly on standards based solutions without GPL.   Members must be registered and content is moderated. A community management model is used.

The first project is Eclipse for embedded systems. It has three iZoom! downloads for host based development of various related projects here.  The open source versions of DSPnano and Unison are included here.  They are completely FREE for both development and deployment - see the licensing for details.

The Reference area has white papers, books and other materials which characterize our industry and provide a vendor independent high level view of the problems we all face. The idea behind this section is to provide high quality reference material which is focused on embedded programming and model based development.

Core Embedded Systems Standards for component based development

UML Standard 199X


PUMA Standard 2007

SDF Standard 2006