Our Partners

RoweBots partners are essential to the success of our business. We work with all our partners in a completely open model so we can all understand the needs of the customers at the deepest levels possible and everyone can work towards the same goal of delighted customers.

Our open model is supported by shared files, email, calendars, intellectual property and support programs and a manager at RoweBots has responsibility for each partner's well being in the ecosystem. This manager has the responsibility to ensure that the partner's needs are met and there are no barriers to cooperation.

Software Partners

Software partners work with us to develop compilers, specific algorithms, middleware, applications and much more. Join us and work towards delighted customers.

Hardware Partners

Hardware partners include semiconductor vendors with very diverse products. From processors to boards, from system on a chip to multichip modules, our hardware partners provide comprehensive solutions for a diverse signal processing community.

Systems Partners

Our system integration partners do application development, driver development, hardware and software porting and much more.

Getting Started

Please email our marketing department if you'd like to discuss a partnership with us. No opportunity for partership is too big or too small; ecosystems work with a variety of participants with differing needs.