Ecosystem Program Guidelines

  • There must be a clearly demonstrated win-win from the partnership with immediate benefits for all participants and a medium and long term matching of minds.
  • The projects and products must be customer driven with clear ROI for both parties.
  • The customer must decide if multiple competitive offerings will be available to them. For example, if two system integrators choose DSPnano for a project, we will partner with both of them to evaluate and bid a solution. Ultimately the customer must decide which is best for them in the situation. Similarly, a board vendor could have multiple software offerings, again, the customer must decide which is best.
  • RoweBots is an open source company but it does not give away all future rights to software it has developed like so many other open source companies do. For the same reason, RoweBots does not require that its partners give up ownership to software or IP that they have developed. Each party must independently decide what business approach is best for them in the area of IP protection and proliferation and the chosen solutions must work for both parties.
  • Each partnership deal is uniquely crafted to meet the needs of the parties who are cooperating.
  • Each side of the partnership must appoint a manager who is responsible for the smooth functioning of the relationship. Quarterly reviews are required as a minimum standard.
  • All serious difficulties will have a minimum of a 120 day resolution period.
  • Each partership is crafted to work for a long time; however, goals change and strategies are altered to meet different market realities. Each side is responsible to provide the other with a substantial period of early warning regarding the possible change in direction that they face. Annual reviews and renewed agreement by both side is required to continue the partnership.
  • Partnerships that work are based on trust. Secret duplication of the others products or secretly partnering with a third party which would knowing eliminate or damage the other party is not permitted.