Planet Open Source

Planet Open Source is a web site dedicated to providing FREE, open source, & GPL FREE components to developers of MCUs, DSCs, and DSPs which are based on open standards.

There is many software components available; however, most of them don't offer standards. They expect users to learn a proprietary set of calls and then modify this proprietary offering to their application. The problem with this is generally it is a very expensive proposition. The net result is that either products are late, too expensive or both.

How do you cut costs and rely upon proven and standard components that require no modification?  You use open standards.  This means that applications port easily and thousands of programs can be reused without effort.  It means that programmer's don't have to be retrained on proprietary systems.  It means that books and courses are readily available on the standard. It means that programmers are readily available - after all, they don't want to build their career into a corner.

Planet Open Source is dedicated to providing these open source, low cost components to you to reduce your overall costs.