MCU, DSC and DSP software solutions play an important part in a variety of transportation systems and vehicles. This broad set of applications requires a range of connectivity, user interaction and signal processing tecnologies with lean product development support.

Today, automobiles require over seventy processors, many of them either microcontrollers (MCUs) digital signal processors (DSPs) or digital signal controllers (DSCs). The level of sophistication of these systems is extreme, with timing varied to maximize fuel efficiency in a broad set of circumstances and also maximize performance. Modern cars have noise elimination systems which sample noise sources and use adaptive processing and transducers to reduce them to near zero. Other features of cars are also extremely automated including steering, braking, climate control and suspension.

Price demands on automobile manufacturers, which in turn are passed on to their suppliers, and again to their suppliers, make automobile parts manufacture a demanding and very competitive business. DSPnano and Unison are up to this challenge offering royalty free, open source licensing which is unsurpassed in the industry. Further savings gleaned through integrated development environments and off the shelf algorithms and I/O make including DSP solutions in automobile and trucking systems practical today.

Although package sorting is not a transportation device itself, it is an integral part of transportation systems for package transportation companies. Fast package sorting is a key component of their systems and it relies heavily on signal processing for fast capture and routing of packages.