Portable and Low Power Systems

Portable and low power systems are a part of our everyday reality. We use handheld and wireless controls for a broad set of industrial, home, office, military and transportation applications every day. With the pervasive nature of these devices, the ability to quickly and easily develop new solutions using Unison and DSPnano becomes a significant benefit. Their tiny footprint, Linux compatibility and ease of use make them ideal for lower cost lower power solutions.

Graphics touch panels and other connectivity software solutions play an important part in a variety of systems. DSPnano and Unison offer this capability with the ability to have small and low power portable solutions. This unique combination provides designers with the ability to create totally unique products at a fraction of the size and cost of competitive offerings.

One key user interface change today is the graphics touch panel. DSPnano and Unison offer these middleware services along with a broad set of other middleware. By taking off the shelf tried and proven components and utilizing them in your portable products, things like USB, SD cards, wireless connectivity and graphics touch panels, your time to market is dramatically reduced along your risk. Portable and low power systems have never been easier to build.