Wireless Protocols

Unison and DSPnano have been designed to support a broad set of wireless protocols.  These protocols include the following:

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Zigbee
  • Low Cost 802.15.4
  • GPRS / LTE
  • RFID / Near Field Communications
  • GPS
  • 6loWPAN (802.15.4 radio with IPv6 packets and addressing)

The RoweBots Bluetooth stack comes in two flavours: an AT command set or spi interface module and an HCI interface module.  The advantage of the AT or SPI interface is that the entire protocol stack can run on the wireless module.  Typically this is done for SPP or serial profiles.   In contrast the HCI interface approach runs the balance of the protocol stack on the MCU or MPU and then the developer has a much broader set of choices for the profile that is used, including audio, health data, handsfree and much more.  These wireless protocols offer complete end to end protocol solutions with full interoperability and POSIX device interfaces.

WiFi wireless protocols provide local area networking using a TCP/IP protocol stack with either IPV4 or IPV6.  As a result, WiFi support is transformed into a network driver for these stacks with extra interfaces to choose a wireless network or terminate a wireless network and select another network for communication. 

Zigbee and 802.15.4 low cost wireless protocols are very similar.  The radio module used is identical and the zigbee stack is provided by the module developer along with the various low cost wireless options.  These protocols are ideally suitable for a UDP or data gram sockets based interface.  This plays to the strength of these wireless networks which are subject to interference and signal dropout.  Demonstration programs provide seamless integration and operation in 10 minutes out of the box.

GPRS and LTE radios are supported in modules accessing the cell network to provide very wide area networking.  Typically these connections are setup using an AT command set or SPI interface to establish a call and then TCP/IP and PPP are used to provide a full networking service over the GPRS radio. 

Support for GPS and RFID / Near Field Communications wireless protocols using standard radio modules are easily intergrated into the system.  Using standard modules interfaces range from SPI to AT command sets.  Standard POSIX file interfaces are provided to read data from these devices. 

6loWPAN isa new wireless protocol.  It provides TCP and UDP services over 802.15.4 mesh radio networks.   It integrates ideas associated with low power and intermittent node up times to minimize power consumption using two other new protocols called ROLL and RPL.  Interesting the idea of routing at the mesh level has been rejected in favour of dynamic routing at the IP level.

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