Diagnostics, Power On Test, & Dynamic System Monitoring

Diagnostics, Power On Test  & Dynamic System Monitoring is changing rapidly. Switch mode power supply (SMPS) systems, motor control and motion control systems are capable of doing significant damage. Using startup Power On Test or Power On Self Test (POST) makes sense in these environments particularly when humans are around the machines.  Dynamic monitoring can also make systems safer during operation.  Data can be tracked and any abnormal conditions can be used for early system safe shut down.

The dianostics module in the system and the other accompanying modules which are required to maintain the health of the system. Generally the POST will run before anything else to check the basic processor and memory operations.

Diagnostics and Power On Test will ensure the health of the basic system processing elements independent of the application. By ensuring that the run-time environment works properly first, users will not be put in danger with faulty equipment. Imagine an ABS system on a car without POST!

Good examples of diagnostic, power on test and dynamic system monitoring features are:

  • Register set start up testing
  • Instruction set testing at start up
  • Memory testing at start up 
  • Basic peripheral testing at start up
  • Dynamic monitoring of key values at start up
  • Data logging of key values at start up 
  • Emergency shutdown in hardware (for PWM)
  • Loopback diagnostics for communications
  • Remote loop diagnostics for communications
  • File system verification
  • Security encryption and decryption testing.
  • Dynamic monitoring of key values at run time with automatic shutdown.
  • Advanced intelligence for system monitoring and shutdown

All of these lead to safer more reliable systems and more satisfied customers.

Note that the microcontroller (MCU), microprocessor (MPU) and FPGA  bios supply needs separate regulation and that up to four PWM signals are used with gate drivers. The Diagnostic and Power On Test should test all of these various communication links inputs and outputs if possible.

DSPnano and Unison both have integrated Diagnostic, Power On Test & Dynamic System Monitoring support. Features vary by processor - consult the factory for details.

For more details on Diagnostics and Power On Test components and associated consulting services, please contact us.