Remedy IDE

The Remedy IDE is actually the extension of the original Remedy Debugger.  The Remedy Debugger evolved into the Remedy IDE and this is what we see today to provide the build and debug environment for Unison Operating System based embedded systems.  
The Remedy IDE is actually a collection of IDEs depending on the user's selection of IDE.  The Remedy IDE is the generic term for the IDE which is used as part of the Remedy tools environment.  These IDEs include the following vendors.

  • IAR
  • Keil RealView
  • HEW
  • e2 Studio
  • Code Composer Studio Eclipse
  • Sourcery Codebench Eclipse
  • Remedy Eclipse
  • Code Red Eclipse
  • Xilinx Eclipse 
  • Microsemi Eclipse

Note that the majority of the Remedy IDE variants are Eclipse based. For this reason, the other Remedy tools like Remedy RED and Remedy RTOS Viewer are seamlessly integrated into these environments.
The Remedy IDE variants provide the following features for the Unison embedded operating system.

  • Compilation
  • Assembler
  • Librarian
  • Linker with linker maps for the embedded system
  • Integrated cross development debugging with a complete feature set
  • Downloading and flashing of debug and final versions
  • Multiple project support
  • Integrated version control (most versions)

For more details on the various Remedy IDE variants, consult the purchase options and check with the IDE vendors.