Our Values

Our philosophy may be unique in this business but our hope is that by clearly stating our values we can effectively serve our customers better.

  • RoweBots is a caring organization. We care about our customers, our employees, each other, and all our stakeholders.
  • We behave with the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • Profit is secondary to running the company with the right values. First we must have the right values: putting the customer first, delivering quality, delivering on-time, delivering on budget, and being flexible in our rapidly changing world. Then and only then can we expect reasonable profit for our efforts.
  • RoweBots will fully share its expertise with its customers during its engagements. The customer will be trained to carry out these activities independently in the future.
  • RoweBots will work in the long term best interests of the customer.
  • RoweBots will carry out all work reliably, responsively, with a high level of assurance and with empathy.